Decorated cookies

Decorated cookies are my passion:  with royal icing and cookies, anything is possible! But good looks are not everything: the cookies also taste the best! I bake with honest ingredients: fresh butter, real vanilla and free-range eggs. Dough is made in small batches, rolled out by hand and cookies are individually cut.

These cookies are perfect for any occasion, and are not at all limited to children’s birthday parties.  They are also not limited to 2D! I am the most proud of some of the 3D creations I have made, often to scale (the V&A grain silo, Morgenster farm stead, Agulhas light house, and others).

Decorated cookies are edible art: meant to be savoured and enjoyed, appreciated for the thought and love that went into designing and making them. They are almost an edible version of a concert: the music enchants for as long as it lasts and leaves you with memories of good times and great company.

Available flavours are: vanilla, chocolate, orange, spice and almond.

The price of cookies depends on the size, complexity of the design and the set-up of the set. The minimum order is 15 cookies and the general starting price is R 25 per cookie, but please be in touch for a quote taking your specific wishes into account.


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